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Customer support

The client service department assures that all our clients are getting most of our software. They provide consultations, hot-line support and trainings which can be held either in our training center or at the client’s offices.

Remote support

If you have any questions or if you want to settle a training, please contact the client service:
download this program.

After instalation, open Teamviewer and send email with ID and password (generate with software Teamviewer). We connect to you and we will solve the problem.

If you have a question, contact our technical support

For Czechia:

HOT-LINE (8:00–16:30 SEČ)

Tel.:(+420) 225 301 444
E-mail: hotline
Skype: lerach_hotline


Roman Holub

For Slovakia:

HOT-LINE (9:00–17:30 SEČ)

Tel.:(+421) 254 435 539


Viktor Porth
Ondrej Kvinta