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LERACH, s.r.o.

Our company specializes on a development, an implementation and a support of the television audience measurement (TAM) and media monitoring software. During our activity we have gained a great amount of experience and used it to develop a highly appreciated software and we have become a leading provider of software in the Czech republic and Slovakia.

Our software helps the users (TV channels and media agencies) to fast and comprehensively analyze media data. It is used for:

  • analyzing broadcasted programmes, breaks, spots and captions or any user-defined time intervals from the TAM research,
  • planning, buying and evaluating advertising campaigns,
  • analyzing data from the advertisement monitoring.

Our success is based on an intensive cooperation with our customers and a quality support. In the price of our software are included trainings, consultations and a hot-line support.

Our experienced team of programmers is constantly upgrading the software and is prepared to implement to it any new features desired by our clients.

Our mission is to completely and continuously satisfy each of our customers.


Our main products are programs for utilization of media researches data. They help users to arrange the data into tables, compute various figures and create graphs. According to its usage the software can be divided into three categories:

  • Program for a comprehensive analysis of the television audience measurement data – Golem
  • Program for a planning and an evaluation of TV advertising campaigns – Mamut
  • Program for analysing data from an advertisement monitoring – Yetti

Our software have lots of common characteristics:

  • adjustability
    • the tables and graphs can be customized according to user’s needs;
    • wide range of user-defined parameters, programmes groups, breaks groups;
    • target groups can be created by using any demographic information in the data and/or external database;
  • compatibility with other programs (e.g. MS Excel, …);
  • integration of common features of our software (i.e. you can use target group created in Golem also in Mamut);
  • user-friendly;
  • support of different languages (presently English, Czech, Slovak, Russian and we can localize the software into other languages as well);
  • fast data processing;
  • possibility to work with different data and databases;
  • 32-bit applications designed for MS Windows XP/Vista/7 (32-bit/64-bit) platform;
  • network support and data sharing,….

Besides our standard software we are developing and implementing individual “tailor-made” software according to demand of our clients.

We are also providing TV broadcasting digitization, which can be used in a special analysis in the program Golem.