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Program iGolem is an internet application for analysing TAM data. It gives the users new possibilities of data processing utilizing advantages of the internet.

The basic program characteristics are:

  • The application si accessible only for registered users who can have different access rights (Administrator, Group administrator, User).
  • It helps you to interactively create and compute different analyses either in tables or with graphs.
  • You can include video frames of the broadcasting into some of the analyses.
  • You can define and run regular reports (pre-defined analyses) that are then automatically processed and sent to your e-mail address in selected format (html, xls, pdf).

iGolem consists of following analyses:

Time bands analyses

show preview (Time bands analyses)

Programmes, spots and captions analyses

show preview (Programmes, spots and captions analyses)

Analysis composed of various information which can be displayed in tables, graphs and with pictures from the digitized broadcasting.

show preview (Reports – 1st part)
show preview (Reports – 2nd part)

Displays various graphical information (share pie chart, rating course, competition broadcasting graph, share development chart) for selected programme or another selected time period.

show preview (Graphs)

Broadcasting images analysis
Dispalys broadcasting images from the digitized broadcasting for user-defined time intervals (e.g. part of programme). The pictures are diplayed with information about the programme name, exact time of the broadcasting and selected figures.

show preview (Broadcasting images analysis)